Korean Dorama - Beethoven Virus

Korean Drama Title : Beethoven Virus
Korean Drama Genre : Drama
Korean Drama Episode : 16

Korean Drama Beethoven Virus - Synopsis

Two musicians who retired from their musical careers for different reasons join together with a demanding and difficult genius conductor to form an orchestra against all odds. Although it requires a lot of hard work to form their orchestra, they keep chasing their dreams of doing what they love the most in the world and this gives them great satisfaction. Three young and old people with different personalities and life experiences gather together under a common dream and they find love and the room to forgive each other as they eventually earn each other’s respect. The drama exudes a positive energy.

Korean Drama Beethoven Virus - Cast

Kang “Ma-ae” Gun-woo / actor Kim Myung-min

Age: 42. Male. Maestro. Nickname is Ma-ae.
He is an elitist and never settles for second best.
With an oversized ego, he has a righteous attitude and thinks he’s superior to everybody else. He does not like to socialize with people.
He believes that you need talented players in order to give marvelous performances.
Thus, he abhors players with mediocre talent and treats them with disdain.
This is how he earned the nickname, “Orchestra Killer” and went on to become a legendary musical figure in Korea.

Durumi / actress E. Ji-ah

Age: 27. First violinist. Orchestra conductor
She is true to her inner desires and has a positive outlook on life.
She never holds a grudge.
With her pale white skin and long straight hair, she plays the violin while wearing a black silk dress with her eyes half-closed. The sight of her playing the violin is picturesque. However, she acts like a tomboy.

Kang Gun-woo / actor Jang Keun-suk

Age: 24. A genius conductor. Trumpet player
He shares the same name as conductor Kang Ma-ae.
He’s straightforward, frank, cool and open. He’s a man of character.
With a sharp logical mind, he will not tolerate illogical behavior.
Underneath his strong character, he harbors an exquisite musical talent.

Korean Drama Beethoven Virus - OST
Original Soundtrack (OST) for Beethoven Virus is also known as Beethoven virus soundtrack or Beethoven Virus Original Soundtrack.

01. Fate
02. Comfort stage
03. My person - Hwan Hee
04. Rashful Du Ru Mi
05. Beethoven's thoughts
06. Fight
07. Did you hear it ? - Tae Young from SNSD
08. Waiting
09. Maestro
10. Because of one person.. - Lee Jin Sung (Monday Kiz)
11. Passion
12. Looking from above
13. Love burning melody(Day by Day) - SNSD
14. Towards tomorrow
15. Shaking love
16. My Humming - Im Ji Hyun
17. Run, Kang Gun Woo
18. Team of passion
19. Dream of future - Mun Ji Sung
20. Dreams of happiness
21. Last concert

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