Attic Cat

Attic Cat

Title: 옥탑방 고양이 / Ok-tap-bang Go-yang-ee
Also known as:
Cat in a Rooftop Room
Cats on the Roof
Rooftop Room Cat (YA Entertainment)
Rooftop Romance (KBFD-TV)

Genre: Comedy, romance
Episodes: 16
Opening song: Ok Tap Bang Go Yang
Insert song: Sun Mool sung by True Bird / Lim Ha Young

Korean Drama - Attic Cat Synopsis

Marriage is thought to be the final conclusion of love: the most precious value in this world. But in reality, the marriage is not so sweet as recklessly imagined. Instead of being a sweet dream, the marriage in reality is a commitment and a promise to live among many kinds of obligation and sacrifice. It is rather the end of love than a sweet beginning. This is not what the lovers are aiming about. It's not marriage but living love they are shooting for. This is a drama of couple who has found a new way of living happily in Love

Korean Drama - Attic Cat Starring

Kim Rae Won as Lee Kyung Min
Jung Da Bin as Nam Jung Eun
Choi Jung Yoon as Na Hye Ryun
Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Dong Joon
Jang Yong as Nam Sang Sik (Jung Eun's father)
Kim Ja Ok as Kim Soon Duk (Jung Eun's mother)
Bong Tae Kyu as Nam Jung Woo (Jung Eun's younger brother)
Kim Mu Saeng as Lee Pil Deuk (Kyung Min's grandfather)
Kang Boo Ja as Lee Kyung Hee (Kyung Min's grandmother)
Kim Chang Sook as Na Hye Ryun's mother
Cha Joo Ok as Kyung Min's aunt
Kim Tae Hyun as Yong Joon (Kyung Min's college friend)
Seo Hyun

Korean Drama - Attic Cat Download OST

01. ok tap bang go yang ee Title
02. sun mool (Version I) - TB (True Bird)
03. Come Back To Me - TB (True Bird)
04. da shi chuh eum eu ro...
05. geu ge ba ro na ya (It's Me)
06. sun mool (Version II) - Lim Ha Young
07. so dong Theme
08. nuh eh hyang gi
09. hwi pa ram Theme
10. sarang hae
11. Kyung Min Theme (Humming)
12. hwi pa ram Theme II
13. ya ong Theme I
14. Run...
15. Piano Theme
16. ya ong Theme II
17. sarang hae II
18. nuh eh hyang gi II
19. ok tap bang go yang ee Ending Title
20. Come Back To Me (MR)