Korean Dorama - Winter Sonata

Korean Dorama Title : Winter Sonata
Korean Dorama Genre : Drama
Korean Dorama Episode : 20

Korean Dorama Cast : Winter Sonata

Bae Yong Joon as Kang Joon Sang / Lee Min Hyung
Choi Ji Woo as Jung Yu-jin
Park Yong Ha as Kim Sang-Hyuk
Park Sol Mi as Oh Che-lin
Lee Hye Eun as Jin Suk
Ryu Seung Soo as Yong Kuk
Jung Dong Hwan as Sang Hyuk's father
Lee Hyo Chun as Sang Hyuk's mother
Yoo Yul as Radio broadcaster
Kim Hae Sook as Yu-jin's mother
Song Ok Sook
Lee Hye Young
Kwon Hye Hyo
Jung Woon Joong
Jang Hang Sun

Korean Dorama Synopsis : Winter Sonata

The families of Kim Sang-Hyuk, a boy who is a high school student, and a girl named Jung Yu-Jin in his same class have been friends for many years, and thus Sang-Hyuk and Yu-Jin have known each other all their lives. Sang-Hyuk longs to have a romantic relationship with Yu-Jin, but she seems oblivious to his longing, and therefore they just continue as strong friends and companions.

Into their lives one day comes transfer student Kang Joon-Sang. He is handsome and athletic and a brilliant student at mathematics, but he seems to carry a chip on his shoulder, and his behavior is surly and cold.

Nevertheless, Sang-Hyuk and Yu-Jin and their accepting and amicable friends let Joon-sang into their circle. At a weekend retreat at a cabin the woods, Yu-Jin falls into a dangerous situation and Joon-Sang saves her life. Her gratitude opens Joon-Sang's heart, and the two fall deeply in love. However, their joy is not to last, as a tragic event ends their romance.

Ten years later the friends are all successful young professionals. Sang-Hyuk and Yu-Jin are betrothed and planning to marry soon. While walking to the engagement party Yu-Jin suddenly spots a man in the crowd who looks astonishingly like Joon-Sang. Her shock is so great that she faints on the street, for she has never really gotten over him, and the wedding is postponed.

It turns out that the man is Lee Min-Hyung, an architect whose firm has hired Yu-Jin's company on contract. Yu-Jin is astounded by the resemblance, but it's apparent that Min-Hyung has no knowledge of Joon-Sang, and his warm and humorous personality is entirely different.

Korean Dorama Ost : Winter Sonata

01. chuh eum boo tuh ji geum gga ji - Ryu
02. My Memory - Ryu
03. chuh eum
04. geu dae man ee - Ryu
05. chuh eum boo tuh ji geum gga ji
06. My Memory (Piano & Violin Ver.)
07. bo nael soo uhb neun sarang - Kim Wan Sun
08. shi jak
09. geu dae man ee (Piano & Violin Ver.)
10. My Memory (Piano Ver.)
11. it ji ma - Ryu
12. gi uk sok eu ro (Instrumental)
13. yun in (Chinese Ver.)
14. je bi ggot - Ryu
15. geu dae man ee (Piano Ver.)
16. chuh eum (Piano Ver.)
17. je bi ggot (Instrumental)