Korean Dorama - Wedding

Dorama Title : Wedding
Genre : Drama
Starring: Jang Nara, Ryoo Shi-won, Lee Hyun-woo, Myung Se-bin
Country of origin: South Korea
Language(s) : Korean
No. of episodes: 18
Korean Dorama Synopsis : Wedding
Lee Se-na (Jang Nara) is a single child raised in a wealthy family and pampered by her protective parents. She has never been hurt and naively believes that love can overcome all obstacles. Although she has a big heart, she is selfish, not trusting, and cares mostly only about her own feelings. One day, she meets Han Seung-woo (Ryu Shi Won) through an arranged date and instantly falls in love with him. Seung-woo is from a poor family and likes a simple and frugal life. Although he is very honest and righteous, he has difficulty sensing other people's feelings and expressing his own. After a short period of time, Se-na and Seung-woo decide to get married, before they have truly gotten to know one another. We also meet Shin Yoon-su (Myung Se Bin) and Suh Jin-hui (Lee Hyun Woo), both childhood friends of Seung-woo and each with their strengths, shortcomings, and past relationships with the main duo. As they learn more about one another and what it means to be married, Se-na and Seung-woo soon begin to argue and fight due to their differences, past relationships, mistrust, and their insecurities about the relationship. Their relationship deteriorates to the brink of divorce, not knowing whether they can overcome the obstacles that face them.
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