Korean Dorama - Princess Lulu

Korean Dorama Title : Princess Lulu
Korean Dorama Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Korean Dorama Episodes: 20

Korean Dorama Cast : Princess Lulu

Kim Jung Eun as Go Hee-soo (27)
Jung Joon Ho as Kang Woo-jin (30)
Kim Heung Soo as Kim Chan-ho (25)

Korean Dorama Synopsis : Princess Lulu

Does a love story only exist in tales?

Will the real prince and snow white live a happy life described in the tale?

The rich-born girl Go Hee-soo (Kim Jung Eun) treats Kim Chan-ho (Kim Heung Soo) like her birth younger brother, with the playboy Kang Woo-jin (Jung Joon Ho) who plays triangle relations part with the two. You will see the endless climaxes and love stories.

Go Hee-soo is the granddaughter of the president of the biggest group KS in Korea. Raised by her grandfather, she is charming and elegant. However, she feels regret that she has lost her birth mom who passed away in a plane accident with Chan-ho's parents. One day she meets Woo-jin who has just cames back after study from UK. She is attracted by the carefree Kang Woo-jin as he shows her a world she never know. But Chan-ho, a very good friend of Kang Woo-jin, grews up with Hee-soo and never regard her as elder sister. This triangle relationship make the three people in endless complex love problem.

Korean Dorama Ost : Princess Lulu

01. Happy Time (Instrumental)
02. geu daen waen ji dal ra yo - Myung In Hee
03. nae ga duh sarang ha ni gga - Noh Young Chae
04. nae ge man huh rak hae jwuh yo - Just
05. Summer Rainbow - Myung In Hee
06. Love Me Do - Park Jae Bum
07. Shine (Opening Title) - Seo Young Eun
08. nuh eh jib ap eh suh (Remake) - Park Jae Bum
09. seul peum eh seul peum duh hae do - Park Jae Bum
10. Enough - C.O.L
11. jal hal gge - Myung In Hee
12. bo suk sang ja - Myung In Hee
13. nae sa ram - Park Jae Bum
14. Savior - C.O.L
15. Don't Make Me Cry - Brunch
16. Look At Me - Byun Jae Won
17. Love Me Do (Instrumental)
18. sarang haet suht suh - X5 Yoon Sang Hyun
19. ae sang (Instrumental)

Aditional Song

M TO M - se geul ja
Kim Jung Eun - Peter Pan
Park Hyo Shin - Peter Pan
Yiruma - When The Love Falls
Go Han Woo - ahm yun
Kim Boo Yong - poong yo sok eh bin gon
Dido - Do You Have A Little Time
Usher - Caught Up
Destiny's Child - Bills, Bills, Bills
Solid - chun saeng yun boon
Jo Yong Pil - yuh haeng eul dduh na yo