Full House

Korean Dorama Title : Full House
Genre: Drama-Comedy-Romance
Starring: Song Hye Kyo, Rain
Country of origin: South Korea
No. of episodes: 16

Korean Dorama Review : Full House

This drama attempts to answer the question of whether two people — a famous actor and an ordinary woman — can learn to love each other in a marriage agreed only on paper. It also explores the meaning of the family by presenting that no matter how hard the present may seem, the world is still a good place because of those who bring hopes into our lives through their presence alone.

This drama features diverse characters: considerate, caring, frank, patient, and sticking to life’s basic values. But no matter how different the personalities, everyone finds happiness in the end.
This drama is based upon a manhwa of the same title, Full House by the Korean cartoonist Won Sooyeon

Korean Dorama Synopsis : Full House

Han Ji-Eun lives in a house called Full House, built by her father. She is an aspiring novelist. One day, two of her friends, for money reasons, trick her and sell her house - when she returns from a vacation, she discovers it has been sold to Lee Young-Jae , an actor who has just shot to stardom. Though they don't get along with each other, as she is messy and he has a bad temper and an affection for cleaning, they agree to live with each other and Ji-Eun works as his maid in order to buy her house back.

Out of a misunderstanding and Young-Jae's ill-fated try to make the love of his life, Kang Hye-Won jealous, Young-Jae marries Ji-Eun. They set up a contract for the marriage to last six months. During that time, complications ensue and Ji-Eun and Young-Jae become attracted to each other. Also, Ji-Eun starts to hold a strong bond with Young-Jae's family. However, Young-Jae's bad temper along with the romantic attentions of Yoo Min-Hyuk , Ji-Eun's handsome and friendly publisher, starts to create a rift between the couple. He wasn't the only one who was causing trouble it was also Kang Hye-Won who kept getting jealous everytime Lee Young-Jae & Han Ji-Eun were getting close.

Kang Hye-Won wants Young-Jae by her side 24/7 even though she loves Yoo Min-Hyuk. It made Han Ji-Eun feel bad everytime she saw Young-Jae run to Kang Hye-Won. Young-Jae and Ji-Eun get a divorce and he moves away. When he returns, he realizes that Ji-Eun hasn't married yet and knows that he has fallen in love with her - and she with him. He proposes to her, this time for the right reasons, and finally, they get married the second time and live happily ever after. Rumors claim that there might be a possible continuation of the series.

Korean Dorama Starring

Han Ji-Eun ~ Song Hye Kyo

Ji-Eun is cheerful, optimistic and loyal to her friends. She is naive and not very smart, but she makes up for it with her spunk and good heart. Her journey with Young Jae shows how much she loves and what she is willing to do to protect the people she loves. She is an orphaned online novelist who lives in a beautiful house (called FULL HOUSE) which she inherited from her parents. Her troubles started when her closest friends tricked her by sending her on a trip to Shanghai so they could sell her house behind her back.

Lee Young-Jae ~ Rain

Young-Jae is a top Korean actor. He does his utmost not to hurt other people and not to be hurt himself. Every movie he starred in became a blockbuster. He is stubborn when it comes to selecting which movies to star in, but he has received much acclaim for his talent. Although Young-Jae always behaves and speaks as he wants, he does that only to protect himself from being hurt and not to hurt others.

People think of him as a very candid person, but that is also Young-Jae’s strategy to hide himself – or rather his failure to express himself to the fullest. As one who is unaccustomed to being frank and open, Young-jae is bad at making friends and very proud of his ideals and principles. He deeply loves his childhood friend, Hye-Won, even though she shows him no affection. One day, he stumbles upon Ji-Eun and slowly falls in love with her.

Kang Hye-Won ~ Han Eun Jung

Hye-Won is the daughter of Doctor Lee's friend. She is a fashion designer, who designs Young-Jae’s clothes. She has known Young-Jae’s family since her childhood. Hye-won has lived her entire life in abundance and has had many choices. She comes from a rich family, and is accustomed to being loved. She has never been rejected by anybody, until Min-Hyuk, and only feels content when everybody around her loves her.

Yoo Min-Hyuk ~ Kim Sung Soo

Min-Hyuk is a director of a large media company. He dreams of establishing Asia’s Walt Disney or Fox. He is tenacious and smart, and respected and recognized for his skills. He is determined to remain one for the rest of his life. He possesses sophisticated manners and is very eloquent – a Prince Charming that any girl could dream of. Min-Hyuk believes that life is too short to live it without fun. Unlike his seemingly unrestricted personality, he is very composed and prudent.

Korean Dorama Soundtrack/OST : Full House

01. Full House (Instrumental)
02. oon myung - Why
03. Forever (Instrumental)
04. I Think I - Byul
05. shi (Instrumental)
06. chin goo ran mal - Noel
07. oon myung (Full Slow Instrumental)
08. Blue Hills (Instrumental)
09. oon myung (Slow Version) - Why
10. I Think I (Guitar Instrumental)
11. neut ge pin sarang (Too Late) - G-soul
12. Forever - Why
13. oon myung (Semi Slow Instrumental)
14. Love At The Gate (Instrumental)
15. go ma wuh hal ge yo - Byul
16. neut ge pin sarang (Too Late)(Violin Instrumental)
17. Amazing Love (Instrumental)
18. Paradiso (Instrumental)
19. oon myung (Instrumental)

Additional songs

1. Lee Bo Ram - chuh eum geu ja ri eh
2. Sha la la (Humming)
3. Title Shuffle (Humming)
4. Children's Choir - gom se ma ri
5. Song Hye Gyo - gom se ma ri -
6. Lee Kyung Sup - chuh eum geu ja ri eh (Instrumental)