Korean Dorama Boys Over Flower

Title: 꽃보다 남자 / Kgotboda Namja
Also known as: Boys Before Flowers / Boys Over Flowers
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Jan-05 to 2009-Mar-??
Related Series: Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Garden

Korean Drama Boys Over Flower Synopsis

The series revolves around a girl named, Geum Jan-di. She receives a scholarship to enter a prestigious high school, Shinwa High, after rescuing one of the students from a suicide attempt while on a laundry delivery. Once there, she sees that a group of rich and handsome boys called "F4" (short for "Flower 4") are the most popular of the students, and the whole school seems to worship them.

However, the F4 bullies everyone around, and whoever does not do as they wish will receive a "red card" and are punished by F4. Jan-di, at first, hates all of them and stands up for her fellow classmates and takes the ridicule in. Eventually, she begins to have feelings for one of them, Ji-hoo, but she also discovers that the leader of the group, Jun-pyo, is falling for her as well. This is about a love triangle among Jun Pyo, Jan-di and Ji-Hoo, and how it gets solved.

Korean Drama Boys Over Flower Cast

Jun Pyo and Jan Di

They are the major couple of the drama. At first, Jandi hates him (including his two friends, Yi Jung and Woo Bin) and stands up against him making him mad, and results in Jun Pyo putting a Red Card in Jan Di's locker. After that, he begins to torture her and at last, Jandi bursts out, giving him a good high-kick. Jun Pyo sees his sister's image in Jan Di (Koo Joon Hye who is very tough like her) and begins to fall in love.

However, Jandi already hates him for what he did to her and her mind is already going over Ji Hoo. But Jun Pyo does his best to win her mind. At last, Jan Di begins to like him as well and they date. But will they be safe with Jun Pyo's mom in fire, not wanting her son to date some ordinary girl?

Jun Pyo and Jae Kyeong

Ha Jae Kyeong is a daughter of JK Group but despite being rich, she is very cool and outgoing. Jun Pyo's mom puts her as a girl who will be marrying Jun Pyo to bond Shin Hwa and JK Group. As time goes on, Jae Kyeong begins to truly love Jun Pyo, not just as her engager.
But of course, Jun Pyo only loves Jan Di. After seeing that Jan Di and Jun Pyo truly love each other, she leaves, wishing them good luck.

Ji Hoo and Jan Di

When Jan Di was first tortured by Jun Pyo, Ji Hoo was the only one who helped her in danger. This made Ji Hoo, Jan Di's first love. But Ji Hoo's first love is Seo Hyeon and he goes to Paris to meet her. While he's gone, Jun Pyo takes action on Jan Di and she, ends up liking him too. But then, Ji Hoo comes back realizing Jan Di is his true love.

For his friendship with Jun Pyo and wanting Jan Di to be happier, he leaves Jan Di. We can see that whenever Jan Di is going through hard times, struggling or is depressed, Ji Hoo is always there for her, wanting her not to be in grief. In addition, he gives lots of advice when she has problems with Jun Pyo and encourages their love, as his definition for love, is making that person happy.

Ji Hoo and Seo Hyeon

Seo Hyeon is a model and a lawyer who helps Ji Hoo overcome traumatism from the tragic death of his parents. She becomes Ji Hoo's first love but does not love him back. She goes to Paris to stay as a lawyer, deciding that her dream is more important than anything else.

Yi Jeong and Ga-Eul

I Jeong is a playboy and treats Ga-Eul just like any other girl. But after he helps Ga Eul pay back his boyfriend who dumped her, Ga-Eul begins to like him. But I Jeong only treats her as Jan Di's friend. However, they may end up together as a possibility, since the makers of the Korean series want to make the story different to the one found in the manga.

Korean Drama Boys Over Flower Soundtract (OST)

01.Paradise (flower boys OST Main theme) - T-Max
02.I'm stupid - SS501
03.Do you know - Someday
04.Stand By Me - SHINee
05.Lucky - Ashily
06.Starlight tears - Kim Yu Kyung
07.A little - Seo Jin Young
08.One More Time - tree bicycles
09.I Know (Saxophone Instrument) - Lee Jung Sik
10.Dance with me (Inst.)
11.Blue Flower (Inst.)
12.So sad (Inst.)
13.Opening Title (Paradise intro) - T-Max


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