Korean Dorama - Spring Waltz

Dorama Title: Spring Waltz/Endless Love 4
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20

Spring Waltz Starring :

Seo Do-young as Yoon Jae-ha/ Lee Su-ho

Jaeha is a talented classical pianist of the next generation who has been closely watched with deep interests and concerns by Koreans since he won a prize in a famous concert. Even though he was brought up in a rich and enviable family under his father who is a foreign diplomat, Jaeha is a lonely person having only one friend because of his eccentric and particular personality. He is a well-mannered and dutiful son to his parents and never harms others, but his piano melody always sounds sad. He is hidden in a veil showing his true feelings only to his best friend and manager, Phillip. He is a sad person keeping the secrets of the past that nobody knows although he has a charismatic personality and wonderful environment.

Han Hyo Joo as Park Eun-young

Eun-young is a diligent person who works at her adoptive mother’s gimbap (Korean rolled rice) house in the daytime and sells homemade accessories and clothes at her street stand at night. Even though she could not finish her studies, she is a talented person who is good with her hands and is to be able to win the grand prize in a handicraft contest open to the public. She never loses her smile nor her dashing spirit although she lives in poverty. She has an opportunity to visit Austria from her prize winning in the handicraft contest and meets Phillip and Jaeha by fate. Eun-young, who does not know of this ironic fate, deeply misses Suho from her childhood. .

Daniel Henney as Phillip

He is the only friend as well as the global manager of Yoon Jaeha. He was born to Austrian father and Korean mother and was expected to become a promising musician during his childhood. He plays the piano, the cello, the guitar, etc. Even though there are no musical instruments that he cannot play, he gave up playing music instruments. Instead, he decided to pursue his dream of a musician by becoming the manager of Jaeha who Phillip acknowledges as being a true musical genius. He is not only a considerate and warmhearted person who kindly understands Jae-Ha’s fretful personality but also is a romantic. Phillip is in love with Eun-young and despite knowing that she loves Jaeha, he chooses to stay by her side.

Lee So Yeon as Song Leena

She is a capable career woman who started her career from the bottom and became the director of the planning department in a leading classical record and concert planning company by her own ability even though the company is owned by her parents. Ina is a perfect woman with remarkable beauty, wonderful background, and outstanding ability, but there is only one thing that she earnestly desires for. It is Jaeha who played the piano with her during her childhood. She has exceptionally liked Jaeha ever since her childhood; thus, she gave up playing the piano and left for Canada to find Jaeha after he left Korea. She has a reckless personality to do so. However, she could not find Jaeha but completed her study in Art Business in Canada. She voluntarily tries to promote Jaeha’s debut in Korea after she happened to see an article of Jaeha activeness in Austria.

Spring Waltz Synopsis

The story succeeded with Eun-young’s plane ride to Austria, where she happens to sit next to Song Ina, who is on her way to meet her childhood love, Jae-ha. However, Jae-ha (also known as Chris Y), who has now grown up to be a young, accomplished pianist in Austria, does not seem pleased with meeting Ina again after 15 years of separation. Eun-young, on the other hand, excited about her first overseas trip, bumps into Phillip (Jae-ha’s manager and best friend), who mistook her as Ina whom he was suppose to pick up at the airport. The four meet in different turns of circumstances and incidents, as the story of love, fate and destiny begins to swirl.
[Eun-young] meets Jae-ha on her train ride to a classical concert, a gift from Phillip. Jae-ha is also on his way to that concert too, in which he is performing. Though Jae-ha displayed reluctance and indifference to be friendly to Eun-young, the two are immediately attracted to each other – especially for Jae-ha, because of the way she reminded him of his long-lost childhood love (which is not Song Ina, as Ina mistakenly believes). After the concert, Jae-ha meets Eun-young again, but soon finds out that Phillip is romantically interested in her. Even with Ina by his side, and the fact his best friend is interested in Eun-young, Jae-ha cannot stop thinking about her. Eun-young, though she realizes that Jae-ha is a renowned pianist and Ina’s supposed first love, also finds herself drawn to Jaeha.

Spring Waltz Sound Track

Product Information
Product Title : Spring Waltz OST (KBS TV Series)
Singer Name(s) : Lee ji soo Bada (SES) Korean TV Series Soundtrack
Release Date : March 31, 2006
Language : Korean
Publisher : Seoul Records Co. Ltd Korea

01. Teardrop Waltz
02. One Love - Loveholic
03. Childhood
04. Cannonball - Damien Rice
05. Clementine - Lee Ji Soo
06. Flower - U-na
07. Bom Eh Waltz
08. Nae In Saeng Eh Bom Nal - S Jin
09. A Sad Memory - Jang Se Yong
10. Ee Jen Sarang Hal Soo It Suh Yo - Yurisangja
11. Shadow Waltz - Jang Se Yong
12. Moo Ji Gae - Bada
13. Song Of Island - Lee Ji Soo
14. Soo Ho Chun Sa - S Jin
15. Flashback
16. Ma Eum Eu Ro Boo Reu Neun No Rae - Myung In Hee
17. Tears For Remembrance

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